Grow Your Business One Story At A Time

Discover how to solve the most common content creation challenges, give your marketing a boost, and make it more fun. 

Become A Copywriter

Now you can stop trying to cope with a Pandora's box of books, courses, case studies, information, tips, tricks, videos ... and the advice from your neighbor who won a writing contest in high school.  If you try to delve into everything, you'll drive yourself off a cliff and go right down the rabbit hole.  With what you get here, you won't need to pick up another course or book unless you CHOOSE to, not because you think you HAVE to.   This straight-shooting, no-BS self-paced step-by-step program gives you all the tools you need, in one place, to become a successful copywriter.  No need to buy those high-priced, big shiny courses, work for free to build your portfolio, or depend on the kindness of strangers on social media (who probably know a whole lot less than they'll admit, anyway). 

Brand Your Business One Story At A Time

A solid brand will help you attract more of the right clients -- those eager to work with you and happy to pay what your worth. But in today's crowded marketplace, your brand has to be more than a logo and color scheme. Your brand has to communicate your value, your style and, most of all, your uniqueness. That's why more and more service-based businesses are using storytelling to build their brand. In fact, often your brand will be your story. It's unique and memorable; after all, you're far more likely to remember a movie plot than a textbook chapter. This step-by-step course introduces you to the three critical stories you need in your marketing kit and helps you choose the best story for a brand that attracts clients. You can see the complete sales page at (and I've got a story for you too!) Or just click on the link and start building your brand today. You can email me anytime with questions.

Bragging 101: Promote Yourself By Telling Stories

Are you being held back from building your personal brand because you're not sure how to present yourself and you don't want to seem sales-y or pushy? This short program helps you overcome the dreaded "Fear of Bragging." You'll learn how stories can help you avoid obnoxious boasting while confidently presenting yourself to your prospective clients.  

Start Your Lucrative Side Hustle

Today no career is safe. Everyone needs a side hustle -- especially after your turn 40 and subject to age discrimination. Anyone can be laid off -- even if you have a "secure" government job. Anyone can wake up to realize, "I've outgrown my career. I don't want to do this anymore." Your side hustle will save you. Discover how to star 12 experts moved from corporate careers to side hustles to self-employment. These interviews are far more valuable than anything you'll read. You'll hear real stories from rel people. You'll also get tips on choosing a side hustle and more. Full sales page: 

Story Consultation

A 90-minute one-to-one consultation with screen sharing. Prework and follow-up opportunities included. Details at 3 Ways A Story Consultation Will Be Profitable For Your Service Business  (1) Gain a new business tool that will transform your marketing.  (2) Nail your brand and your message.   (3) Take the overwhelm factor out of content creation.  What one client said: “I’d been to two branding consultants. They took several sessions to figure out my branding colors. Cathy nailed my brand message in just one session.” Learn more and see the full testimonial:  

Build A Profitable Coaching Business

Introducing A Step-by-Step Guide To Grow Your Coaching Business You aren't being unreasonable. You know you're a gifted coach who works brilliantly with clients. You know you need marketing to fill your practice. You just want some straight talk about marketing.  But a lot of people try to make things complicated. So many guides resemble directions for those "easy to assemble" bookcases from our favorite furniture store. For the complete description and sales page, click here . 

Copywriting 101

A copywriting course for beginners.

Website Review

Video review of your website, with suggestions to improve copy and design,  plus report - plus 1 week of email coaching for support. 

Create Your Course

Are you ready to create your first online course, but you’re... feeling overwhelmed by all the technology you have to choose from? afraid you’ll spend weeks on a course that nobody wants to buy? not sure where to start and looking for a step-by-step guide? Introducing: Fast and Profitable Course Creation

Web Development For EFT Practitioners

Learn everything you need about building a website if you're an EFT practitioner. The principles also work well if you're a coach or healer.  

Video Coaching - 6 months

Video Coaching - 6 months
Alternative to 1 year

Lucrative Landing Pages For Small Businesses

Step-by-step guide to create high-converting landing pages (and introduce you to essential copywriting concepts you can use everywhere). 

Video Coaching For 1 Year

12 Months of One-To-One
Unlimited Video Coaching

Blogging With Stories - FREE TRAINING

Copywriting: Half Day Retreat

Get a 3-hour one-to-one virtual or in-person retreat.  See

Video Coaching - 3 Months

Video Coaching - 3 months
Alternative to 1 year


Use storytelling for blog posts that encourage engagement and sell products. 

Create Your Opt-In System In 5 Days

Get everything you need to attract subscribers and generate leads.  One day at a time for 5 days, on your own or optional coaching. 


Small Business Branding Advantage

Give your brand an unfair advantage. 

Course description:

The Copywriting Advantage

The Small Business Client Advantage

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