Become A Copywriter by Cathy Goodwin

Become A Copywriter

"Discover The Exact, Step-By-Step System To Become A Well-Paid Copywriter... Without Spending Years Trying To Crack The Code"


Now you can stop trying to cope with a Pandora's box of books, courses, case studies, information, tips, tricks, videos ... and the advice from your neighbor who won a writing contest in high school. 

If you try to delve into everything, you'll drive yourself off a cliff and go right down the rabbit hole. 

With what you get here, you won't need to pick up another course or book unless you CHOOSE to, not because you think you HAVE to.  

This straight-shooting, no-BS self-paced step-by-step program gives you all the tools you need, in one place, to become a successful copywriter. 

No need to buy those high-priced, big shiny courses, work for free to build your portfolio, or depend on the kindness of strangers on social media (who probably know a whole lot less than they'll admit, anyway). 

What's included?

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MODULE 1 - What Is A Copywriter
What Is A Copywriter
5 mins
MODULE 1 - Learning Guide
351 KB
MODULE 2 - Develop Your Copywriting Skills
Be A Better Copywriter
14 mins
Module 2 - Learning Guide
374 KB
5 Ways To Learn Copywriting FREE by Henneke
MODULE 3 - 3 Things To Do Every Day
3 Things To Do While Growing Your Career
8 mins
MODULE 3 - Learning Guide
362 KB
MODULE 4 - A Copywriter's Marketing Strategy
Module 4 - Marketing Strategy For Copywriters
17 mins
Module 4 - Learning Guide
361 KB
MODULE 5 - Your 3-Part Copywriting Niche
Module 5: Your Niche As A Copywriter
14 mins
Copywriting Niche - Part 2
9 mins
MODULE 6 - 12 Ways To Get Clients
12 Ways To Get Clients
13 mins
Module6 Learning Guide
165 KB
The Client-Winning Referral Letter
53.3 KB
How To Confidently Pitch Your Copywriting Services by Joanna Wiebe
MODULE 7 - Earn More Income By Choosing Your Clients Wisely
Module 7 - Choose Your Clients
17 mins
Module7 - Learning Guide
73.8 KB
BONUS: Write Your Copywriting Agreement
113 KB
MODULE 8 -How Much To Charge
How Much To Charge
19 mins
Module 8 - Learning Guide
82.5 KB
MODULE 9 - Choose your business model
Choose Your Business Model
17 mins
Module 9 - Learning Guide
161 KB
BONUSES HERE (Includes Copywriting Course)
AFFORDABLE Resources For Copywriting and Business
FREE Resources For Copywriters

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