"Comprehensive Consultation" by Cathy Goodwin

"Comprehensive Consultation"


The "Comprehensive Marketing Strategy" consultation helps you find you story and share it.   
A super-productive 90 minute consultation, completely customized to what you need to reach your marketing goals quickly and professionally.
Many clients say they got more out of this consultation than 3 months of coaching. 

Use this consultation to ... 

  • take your first steps to brand yourself as the go-to person in your field
  • speed up your learning curve when you're first-timing a course, program or launch
  • find realistic ways to increase conversion rates from your sales letter, landing page or website
  • identify the most profitable direction to take when you're feeling pulled in several directions
  • answer any questions that stall your progress, keep you awake at night, or weaken your motivation and your confidence 

One 90-minute call (recorded) plus 2 weeks of email coaching plus bonuses.  

What's included?

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Your Consultation

Grow Your Business One Story At A Time

Discover how to solve the most common content creation challenges, give your marketing a boost, and make it more fun.