On-Demand Training: Establish Your Status As An Expert by Cathy Goodwin

On-Demand Training: Establish Your Status As An Expert


Do you find that clients don't take you seriously ... resist following your advice ... think of you as the "hired gun" instead of "The Expert?"

You're not alone. It's a common challenge for solo-preneurs and small business. In this on-demand training, you will discover ...
  • 3 essential strategies to become the "partner" and "expert," not the "person we hired to do the job"
  • why most business owners tell a story that (unconsciously) puts them in a one-down position (and what to do instead)
  • 3 very subtle copywriting tips that signal you're an authority (you and your audience probably won't notice)    

What's included?

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41 mins
Introductory Consultation
Power Hour Consultation
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